The truth is simple.  No matter what you do or say the vast majority of people listening to your speech (I would say all, but there are always exceptions) will not remember most of what you say.  In fact, they will probably walk away with just 2 things.  The smart speaker realizes that and uses it to their advantage:  Constantly stressing and constantly repeating those two items.  
It’s something I like to call the 5%! Or in other words when you speak no matter what you say, people will only remember about 5% of what you say.  Let me prove it to you.  Here is a scenario we have all experienced... READ MORE


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Muhubo Ahmed
External Relations Coordinator
Ontario Chiropractic Association

"We hired Ivan to host a Dale Carnegie public speaking workshop for our members, and were very pleased with the results. His ability to create a comfortable and safe environment for our members encouraged them to participate in the various activities that made the workshop interactive and fun. 

Members were excited about their new found skills because Ivan made them relatable to their profession and this was all possible because Ivan took the time to customize the workshop to our member’s needs. We would absolutely hire Ivan again in the future!"
public speaking
Rebecca Kalison
President Human Resource Student Association
Ryerson University

"Ivan stole the spotlight of the conference through his OUTSTANDING workshop. His charisma and passion shines through his work and we will definitely be looking forward to having him lead a workshop at Canada's Largest HR/OB Case Competition

You really hit the ball OUT OF THE PARK and delegates were BLOWN AWAY by your presentation! The HRSA cannot wait to host your workshop again next year!"





In a word - diversity! There are great public speaking resources and coaches that can help you deliver a successful presentation at work but the ability to effectively communicate happens in all aspects of life. I have had the great fortune to develop effective public speaking skills through a myriad of professional and educational experiences. Having worked as an educator, actor, entertainer, MC, salesman and consultant, I have identified and developed expedient techniques that comprise the science of public speaking.  In developing this practical approach, I have borrowed techniques from non-traditional sources such as gambling analysis, police interrogation and improv and adapted them to help you become a better speaker in any environment. 



Good public speaking and communication skills are essential in any situation from one-on-one communication, persuasive speaking, job interviews, weddings, work presentations, dinner parties and everything in between. I will show you unique and user-friendly public speaking tips to shine anywhere, anytime.  If you have gone to workshops or read books on public speaking there is a lot of focus on conquering fears and self empowerment.  While this is important it is not something that can be done right away but rather a process.  My techniques can be applied instantly and the results are immediate.  There is also one added essential element that I bring to any corporate training environment: Fun!